To whom it may concern.
I grew up in post war Germany, horrified at the atrocities committed against jewish people and so many others. I felt like a black cloud of silence hung over me, and I carried this enourmous guilt even though I had not yet been born during these dark times.
How could I possibly ever criticise people who had suffered so much?
I went to a talk some month ago hosted by Marrickville Council, were Brother Peter from the Catholic University in Palestine gave a graphic and deeply disturbing account of University and other life being deeply impacted by manifold restrictions imposed by the Israely forces. At this meeting people from various walks of life were present, including core members of Council and the MultiFaith Roundtable.
Much appreciation was expressed by many for the Councils resolution made.
How could I not add my voice to this in the face of so much oppression and suffering.
I sing in a mountain choir and one of the songs is a song of peace written jointly by a group of people made up of Israelis and Palestinians. The song  pleads for Salaam and Shalom, in both Arabic and Jewish language. It has the most  extrodinary impact on the choir and the audience whenever we sing it. How can I not raise my voice in song to this deep longing for Peace.
Shalom, Salaam, Peace, may it be yet possible in our generation.
Rev. Hannie Hoffmann
Minister, Marrickville Uniting Church

I support Marrickville Council’s BDS motion …and I live in Marrickville. The BDS seems to be the only thing that is ruffling the feathers of the Israeli state as it spotlights the illegal settlements on Palestinian land and the incredible injustice and apartheid being perpetuated against  Palestinians by the Israeli state machine…which I have witnessed first hand. Marrickville is a sister city of Bethlehem and the worsening plight of the people that live there(a giant concrete wall around the town, military checkpoints to get in and out) is of concern to us here in Marrickville and I commend the councillors of Marrickville for taking this small action.



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