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A.S.U. Marrickville_Council_GBDS_18_January_11

CFMEU – IsraeliOccupationofPalestinianTerritori

Australian Palestinian Professionals Association

POBox 491 Frenchs Forest NSW 2006

The Mayor

Marrickville Council

Dear Mayor Byrne,

On behalf of all APPA members and the boarder Palestinian community in Sydney, we

would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for Marrickville Council motions on 14

December 2010 in support of the BDS global campaign against Israel.

It has become quite obvious that the peace negotiations between the Palestinians and

Israel have reached a deadlock due to the attitude that Israel has unfortunately gained

throughout the years. It is an arrogant attitude that it is a country above accountability

and beyond international law because of the unlimited support from the USA and some

other Westem countries.

We believe that the BDS, which is a Palestinian non−violent initiative that is gaining

momentum by the day, will bring its fruits one day. Then, the Palestinian people in

addition to all those who genuinely support the Palestinians human rights in the world will

look back to evaluate and thank those who could make it happen. Marrickvflle Council

will then have its name in very bright letters as one of the pioneer authorities to support

the BDS in Australia.

We express our highest appreciation for your motions.

Kindest regards,

Members of the Board


Statement of support from Emeritus Professor Michael Pearson

Jan 12, 2010

I extend my congratulations to Marrickville Council for passing a motion to
boycott Israeli products etc.  I feel that, while this obviously is
symbolic, it is still very much worth doing.  It is shameful how our elected
representatives, from the PM down, are duchessed by the Israeli lobby, with
trips and other benefits. Meanwhile the plight of the Palestinians is
ignored. I join with the Council in supporting the world wide movement of
Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions.

Michael Pearson PhD FAHA

Emeritus Professor of History, UNSW

Adjunct Professor, UTS

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