Monday 18 April 2011

For two months Marrickville and the BDS campaign have been front page news in the national press accross Australia.  Regular TV and radio reports have helped ensure that BDS is now well and truly on the map in Australia.

Unfortunately most of the media reports have been extremely ill-informed and sensational, vilifying and misrepresenting our Council, or Councillors, our community and the international campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. Much of the vilification comes from prominent national and state politicians, keen to discredit the Greens whose more ethical stance on many issues is winning them seats at all levels of government.

However, in Marrickville, it is not just the Greens who have supported BDS.  We must remember that 10 out of 12 councillors voted for that policy. All councillors, who voted for it, whether Labor, Green or Independent, have been subject to enormous pressure.  To date, only two have caved in; first Emmanuel Tsardoulias (Labor) and Max Phillips (Greens) have caved in to the pressure – both are younger and less experienced than their colleagues.

At the Council meeting tomorrow night Fiona Byrne will present a mayoral minute, which, if supported, will allow the Council to retain its support for BDS

Here are links to a few of the more recent articles, starting with a message from Mayor Fiona Byrne, published in Sydney’s most important daily paper.

Rates, roads – and justice in Gaza
by Fiona Byrne, Mayor of Marrickville, 18 April, 2011–and-justice-in-gaza-20110417-1djkc.html 

Backlash forces end to Israel boycott
Josephine Tovey, 18 April, 2011

Letters: Echoes of apartheid in Marrickville boycott 18 April  2011
Note: You will need to scroll down past the letters on carbon tax to reach the letters supporting BDS 

Letters: A clash of global and local issues,   16 April  2011

Boycott a ‘straw man’ smear: Greens
Adam Bennett, Miles Godfrey and Crystal Ja,  April 15, 2011

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