BDS meeting, 3pm Sunday 29 May

MarrickvilleBDS invites all supporters of BDS to a planning meeting to help spread information and build public support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement not just in Marrickville, but across Sydney.

When:     Sunday 29th of May, 3pm – 5pm
Where:    Tom Foster Community Centre 
11-13 Darley Street, Newtown (just off King St, near St Peters station) Map here:

The first meeting decided that we should form a Sydney-wide group and build a broad campaign which welcomes all supporters of BDS.  Now we need to plan some concrete activities.

The success of campaigns like BDS depend on our ongoing efforts to build support for our cause and stimulate debate. We need to explain the boycott to members of the public and listen to their responses so we can build a strong campaign to expose and end Israeli apartheid.


2 thoughts on “BDS meeting, 3pm Sunday 29 May

  1. We have been doing some BDS actions in the west. We are very commited to do something together. If the meeting is confirmed I will send the invitation to all the groups conected to us.

  2. I do not support giving ammunition to those who believe that the very existence of Israel is an affront — and that is just what BDS does in its present form. It’s Israel’s attitude that needs changing, NOT the existence of the state. There are too many on the BDS side, including Hamas and Hezbollah, who believe the “Protocols of Zion” is a valid document. I prefer saner company.

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